Official IntoTheVerse Whitepaper


IntoTheVerse is a pixel parallel reflection of our world. It has a game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility-driven NFTs, and it all plays out seamlessly in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art. Weโ€™re excited to have you be part of the IntoTheVerse universe.

Come join our lovely community!

In a nutshell, we are developing a captivating, stunning, and impressive retro Metaverse where players can:

  • Duel: Engage in exciting PVE and PVP duels and tournaments

  • Win & Earn: Win tokens, forge items (NFTs), and earn profits

  • Upgrade: Buy, customise, and upgrade warriors

  • Host: Buy land or lease heroes and earn passive incomeโ€‹.

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