đŸĨ‡1v1 Duel

People are not supposed to use their Warriors to fight against other people or their warriors. But the greed of some people knows no limits. Dungeon Keeper has amassed a huge following due to his corrupt nature. One of the follower who goes by the psuedo name Acolyte saw the opportunity of managing battles between the noble Warriors.

The Dungeons from the previous weeks that have been cleared of all the wealth and monsters are used by the Acolyte to run a fight-club, where Warriors can stake some of their $DGN tokens and fight against each other. Acolyte charges 3% of the total tokens staked in each fight and the winner takes the rest while the loser is left to sore.

Words of Caution

Acolyte has the agreement with the users that if their warrior dies inside the dungeon while fighting other warriors, he has the right to freeze the warrior's activity, ie; it drain's out the player's stamina.

Acolyte gives the loser to an opportunity to revive their warrior, by referring them to his master, the Dungeon Keeper. As the Dungeon Keeper is of mystical origin, he has the power to revive the dead. In order to save warrior, you would have to buy concoctions from the dungeon keeper to revive the characters and give them more stamina.

This mode will be played as PVP mode, where players have to compete against other players and the objective is to win in order to get the staked amount and survive.

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