đŸĒ™Dungeon Token ($DGN)

Dungeon Hunt's in-game token

$DGN Economy:

$DGN (abbreviated as 'Dungeon Token') will be a variable supply token with an initial mint supply of 80,000,000,000. In order to balance the game economy, we reserve the right to mint and burn $DGN as needed, as well as to adjust the prices of various activities $DGN is used on such as character creation and dungeons.


$DGN is Dungeon Hunt's in-game token. It will be used by the Dungeon Keeper for operating dungeons, summoning new warriors, PVP duels, rewards, buying power-ups.

It is planned to serve in-game token, and one of the default currency of the Dungeon Hunt marketplace, planned to launch in Q4 2022.

$DGN will be earned by raiding the Dungeons, duels, and story mode. Players stand a chance to earn more $DGN progressively, by competing in further dungeons and maps.

Warriors having advanced 'Rarity', are able to mine more $DGN coins while raiding the dungeons.

'Ubeswap' Banks inside our metaverse would also enable players to earn rewards in $DGN tokens while staking $VRS token.

Price Factors:

Because $DGN is essential for in-game activities associated with utility and creating value for the platform, such as breeding new warriors, warriors can earn an in-game loot/income from the dungeons by mining $DGN coins from the treasure-chests and other quests and PVP modes. This loot can be sold on the market, or used in our marketplace to buy new warriors, portions and cosmetics.

Liquidity providers and investors who do not want to engage in the raids and its P2E utility can rather want to focus on breeding new characters or crafting new items, will need to buy $DGN from other players, or earn $DGN coins via staking rewards.

This naturally creates a dual token economy revolving around the utility $VRS and $DGN tokens, similar to the use cases of $SLP in Axie Infinity, and that of $CHR in My Neighbor Alice. Players earn an income by farming $DGN through in-game activities and then selling those $DGN tokens to Investors. Investors and liquidity providers purchase $DGN tokens to add liquidity for the creation and breeding of newer characters and marketplace, the bred items can then be sold to existing game players.

We anticipate the $DGN token to be intensely liquid in supply with a resonating price. It would increase in value as the game economy continues to foster and grow with the community adoption but it wouldn't control the economic aspects of the game entirely on its own.

For that, we have the $VRS, the metaverse token.


As the game is built on Celo Blockchain, most of the initial game activities, sales would involve $cUSD and $CELO for the purchases, with $CELO serving as the transaction currency.

$cUSD and $CELO would be used to mint the genesis NFT characters and the minting of NFT civilian avatars inside the metaverse.

Other details regarding tokens and roadmap, would be updated on our community handles.

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