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The key to the balance.
IntoTheVerse would be built natively on the carbon-negative Celo blockchain, so will the $VRS and $DGN tokens. The future is certainly multichain, but we currently do not envision working on any separate sidechain for playing the game, nor would it require any slow, expensive transfers back and forth for in-game currency and NFT items.
We aim to make the ecosystem completely composable with the rest of the Celo ecosystem and grow together in synergy, and "create conditions of prosperity for all", aligning to the mission of Celo and create real Impact. We envision a future where players, can stake their $VRS, $DGN tokens on DeFi applications like PoolTogether, Moola Market or AAVE on Celo, making IntoTheVerse, a one of its kind metaverse, community-driven and merge the in-game and “offline” economies.
We aim to push forward the open metaverse on Celo. An owner of other NFTs or tokens can receive special in-game characters, raffles, or abilities reflecting their activities outside the game. An owner of a Celo Punk, Celo Toadz might get a rare civilian Punk, who could be used inside our metaverse as an avatar, or some initiatives to stake Celo Toadz NFTs to evolve in time and contribute the proceeds to green/conservation initiatives, as we are inspired by projects like the game on Celo.