A herd of Soothsayers have inhabited the city from the medieval days, and have been farming mystical grains(LP-tokens) on the land. The citizens often visit the farms them to deposit their earnings and the Soothsayers have been able to mystically convert the money into seeds bearing yield(reward).

A few farms have been bearing stable yield(stable-rewards) over the years, and some have been producing surplus. The citizens have been prospering from the yield produced from the farms and have been very grateful to all the druids living there.

The citizens have also been able to exchange the grains(LP-tokens) for cash(original tokens) through the SoothSayers, at their will. The city is truly blessed with fertile land, fisheries and forests surrounding it.

As providers of seed, the citizens earn from the farms in proportion to the number of seeds that the Soothsayers sow for them, and also depending upon the time of the year(APR).

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