Heroes hailing from different guilds may be classified based on their Rarity. Their rarity is calculated using the cumulative calculation of the statistics, like HP, STM, FOR, and DFT.

Each rarity level corresponds to a mystical gemstone, that would be owned by the players. These gems have unique powers to summon new heroes based on the rarity index. For this purpose, the players have to come to terms with the Dungeon Keeper. The Dungeon Keeper has connections with a network of druids, who summon new warriors by utilizing the power of these gemstones.

Rarity gemstones, associated with every warrior, can be classified as:

  • Ordinary (common warriors of human descent)

  • Uncommon (rare warriors of human descent)

  • Vaunted (warriors of human descent, deserving highest praise)

  • Stellar (warriors of mythical origin)

The Rarity of the warriors cannot be leveled up. The stats on the other hand can be levelled up.

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