Warriors hail from different guilds, all of them have some added advantage, unique to their guild. The capabilities of the warriors are governed by some traits, determined by their class, their guild's bonus traits, their rarity, and bonuses applied during the summoning process.

NOTE: Every week, the players will have 3 stamina(STM) bars per character. If you lose, all the warriors will be inactive for that week, and a special steroid 'DOSI' will have to be purchased to refill the stamina bar.

Every time a warrior is taken to battle, it reduces 1 STM bar.

Hit Points (HP)

Hit Points is the measure of how alive a warrior is. If they become injured during a loot/mission, they lose their HP. To revive the warrior to its max HP, players can spend some tokens to buy potions. If this goes to 0, the hero dies, the player has two choices either to revive the warrior using a rare stone, within a minute's countdown and use it further or concede defeat for the particular challenge, while also losing 1 stamina.

if a warrior is not revived for a specific time period after death in the battle, it loses the battle, and the player will have to retry the mission if the stamina bar still exists.

Stamina (STM)

Stamina is used to perform raids. If the warrior runs out of stamina, they must rest naturally on their Taverns (1 STM recovers every 3 hours) or visit the Dungeon Keeper, to buy "DOSI", a concoction to measurably increase their stamina recovery rate.

Fortitude (FOR)

A character's fortitude count enhances resistance to damage during a raid, and also during duels. The fortitude can be powered up using "IMMUNIS", a rare concoction for immunity, to make the warrior less prone to damage.

Deftness (DFT)

Deftness aids during attacks, ie; the intensity of the attack will be enhanced based on a multiplier. The DFT enhances proportionately depending upon battles won, but a warrior can also be equipped with "PERITUS", a rare steroid, for power-ups during battles.

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