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Getting Started

Our Progress at Celo Camp web3 Accelerator Program

Celo Camp web3 accelerator program, was a huge success for IntoTheVerse, providing us a different dimension, direction and see things in a different perspective while building out our initial MVP. The Celo Camp not only helped us focus on multiple facets of our idea but also on ourselves as a founding team. We can only encourage other founders to participate, and appreciate the Celo Camp team for the amazing work they’re doing.
IntoTheVerse is a browser-based game that would be compatible with mobile and desktop alike. so all you need to set up your system is a compatible browser with the MetaMask extension installed.
Additionally, you will need $CELO tokens for gas fees. In general, you can buy $CELO on DEXs like Ubeswap, Symmetric, or transfer $CELO to your metamask wallet from a CEX that supports Celo Network.
Further details on gameplay and user onboarding would be shared in the due course of time.
As you explore, you will probably have plenty of questions. The Gameplay section offers a lot of information, and you may find what you need in the FAQ section as well. Additionally, the best place for real-time discussion and support is in our Discord server. Links to this and our other social media sites can be found on our homepage.