IntoTheVerse metaverse will be having multiple different areas and dedicated buildings for recreational activities -

  • Art Gallery - For citizens to explore top NFT projects on Celo like CeloPunks, CeloToadz, CeloApes, etc.

  • Chat Spaces - These will be public chat spaces spread across the metaverse. You can connect with other citizens by accessing these common spaces and interact with each other.

  • Discotheque - A dedicated building for citizens to hangout and enjoy some live music, where you can enter after paying the entry fee through $VRS token. Various artists would be invited to the stage, and entertain the people online, and POAPs would be issued for the same. The avatar NFTs representing the citizens would be associated with a social-score, and engaging in recreational activities would help them level up, and also get perks in future.

many such fun places will be revealed later

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