📅Weekly Challenges

The Dungeon Keeper finds new dungeons every week, and stands guard at the entrance. Ideally every warrior is given only one chance to enter the new dungeon, to prove their might and clear the dungeon by the Dungeon Keeper. As he has been living in these dungeons for a while, he is corrupted by the dark forces and takes payments from the failed warriors in $DGN tokens to give them another try.

Warriors have to win the Dungeon by completing the objective without dying a painful death from the hands of monsters. They can either kill the monsters or avoid them to save their HP. Warriors can also open the hidden chests scattered across the dungeon. They gain random number of $DGN tokens on successfully opening the hidden chests. These chests can also have goblins sneaking inside them. If the warrior opens a chest with goblin, unfortunately, he would lose some of the tokens earned until then. They might also loose upto 20% of the HP depending on their guild.

Players get rewarded a NFT-level pass on passing the challenge successfully, which acts as a proof of attendance token for that week's challenge. These can be used to claim better rewards in future.

Words of Caution

If the warriors fail to pass a level, that is, if their warrior dies inside the dungeon while completing the challenge, the Dungeon Keeper would have the right to freeze the activity of these warriors for a definite period of time.

As the Dungeon Keeper is of mystical origin, he has the power to revive the dead. Now you get one chance to get your warrior back from the Dungeon Keeper. In order to save warrior, you have to pay the Dungeon Keeper some fees in $DGN tokens.

This mode will be played as PVE mode, where players have to complete the hidden objective to successfully pass the level, all the while killing or avoiding monsters, and competing for the weekly loot-liquidity locked inside the chests.

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